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We have listed a few of our commonly asked questions and I will elaborate a little more here....

Redwood Krest K9 Center, LLC is an American based company, housed in Battle Ground, Washington. We are a licensed business that have been training and selling canines for over ten years.

Our top notch facility rests on five gorgeous, tree-covered acres. Our kennel boasts 60' x 40' outdoor kennel runs to give the dogs maximum exercise and comfort.


Our owner, Joeri Goedertier, is a former Secret Service Chief K9 Instructor who is certified to train police, guard, military, bomb detection, narcotic detection, SAR, cadaver, SWAT and Special Ops. Many companies offering protection dogs will attest that their training methods are second to none. However, few trainers have the experience and qualifications of our head trainer, Joeri. We invite you to visit our "about us" page for more information about 8x World Champion, Joeri Goedertier.


We specialize in Rottweilers, as we have been one of the leading training and breeding kennels in the world for the last decade. For a list of our accomplishments in Rottweilers, visit our Hall of Fame page. We only use German bloodlines and we import many Schutzhund trained dogs into the country. After specialty training from Redwood Krest K9, our Rottweilers make excellent personal protection dogs.

We also offer top European (German, Belgian, and Netherlands) German Shepherds. Our trainers personally check and test the dogs to be sure they possess the correct temperament and stature to be successful personal protection canines. Only then will we import a dog to our United States kennel.

Lastly, we offer Belgian Shepherds. Since we are from Belgium, we have personal connections and are able to find the very top Malinois available. Many of Joeri's family members are top trainers, competitors, and breeders of Belgian Malinois.

Many people have attempted this themselves, thanks to the internet and translating tools being so readily available. It is possible to save yourself a great deal of money in the short run.

Now your new dog comes here and it's not the dog from the pictures or not the dog in the videos. Now not only is this dog poorly trained, does not follow your commands, is over aggressive and wants to bite you or did bite you already, the dog has major medical problems, no paperwork, etc. Money gone, no dog. We have seen all of these problems so often and then the buyer calls to fix the problems. Your seller is 3-10,000 miles away in a different court system, no bill of sale, etc. What once looked so lucrative just became your worst nightmare.

To avoid these issues, trust in a reputable company with years of experience.

Please call us at (360) 721-1499 (9am - 9pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday - Saturday) if you are interested in obtaining further information on any of our Personal Protection Dogs we have for sale. Due to time constraints, we cannot discuss these dogs in great detail via email. Serious inquiries only, please. We will not sell a dog to anyone that we have not met in person or had a detailed phone conversation with. Pricing information will not be given out via email.





Joeri pictured with satisfied client, NBA All Star Brandon Roy (Portland Trailblazers).

"...Joeri’s training methods are first rate and his love for dogs is obvious to anyone who meets him.  His impact on my dog has been substantial, and the positive training method he employs has left me with a happy, well trained companion."

-Jodi Bentley