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Big solid jet black with great looks and outstanding working credentials. Broad and powerful head with intelligent expression. Substantial build with strong bones and very good proportions.

Well trained, reacts quickly to all commands. Clear headed, solid nerve base, self confident and happy outgoing temperament. Loves all people and kids, grew up in a household with lots of other dogs .  Active drives in the guarding and protection exercises. Very good combo of a family friend and guardian !!

Billy is the ideal dog for an inexperienced family who want a personal protection dog, as he is easy to handle in all circumstances at all times !!!

Feel free to contact us for more detailed info on Billy or any other PPD or Exec PPD.

This dog is trained:

1. on/off leash heeling 
2. left and right side of the handler heeling
3. heeling next to a bike or motorcycle
4. down and stay
5. sit and stay
6. refusal of presented food and food found in perimeter
7. jumps over hedge, wall (6 ft) and ditch
8. Search for a person hidden in the woods
9. Search for a person in a building 
10. Transport of a prisoner or suspect
11. To stop a person, who defends himself with a large stick
12. To stop a person who is shooting 
13. To stop a person who is trying to escape
14. To bite on command
15. To release on command 
16. To stop a person who attacks his handler in or outside the house, the
17. To work on a slippery surface (inside a house on wood or floors)
18. He knows the carjacking scenario
19. He knows the home invasion scenario
20. He knows the deterrent scenario

For more information and details on Billy or other Executive Personal Protection Dogs, please feel free to call Joeri at 360-721-1499. We are looking forward talking to you!


  • Gender: Male
  • German Shepherd
  • 22 months old
  • European Import








































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