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Loy is Joeri's personal dog and is the demo dog for Redwood Krest K9 Executive Personal Protection Dogs.

PH1 (Dutch police dog certificated with  excellent notification, the youngest dog in Netherland’s history to receive this certification with excellent points!!)  Only 1% of the 600 dogs tested in 1 year  for PH1 are GSD's  (less than 200 GSD's in Netherland history have obtained the PH1 certificate. Out of +/- 60,000 dogs that have been certificated, most of them are cross breed Belgian shepherd dogs). 

This dog is trained:

1. on/off leash heeling
2. left and right side of the handler heeling
3. heeling next to a bike or motorcycle

4. down and stay
5. sit and stay
6. refusal of presented food and food found in perimeter
7. jumps over hedge, wall (8 ft) and ditch
8. Searching and retrieving small articles (keys, key chains, bullets)
9. Guarding an article (like your purse, brief case, a gun, your vehicle...anything)
10. Swimming across a canal on command, stay there on command, swim back on command
11. Rescue a person and / or large object out of the water
12. Search for a large object in the woods (bomb package, gun, anything tha's not standard in the forest)
13. Search for a person hidden in the woods
14. Search for a person in a building
15. Transport of a prisoner or suspect
16. Retrieving of a dropped article during transport of suspect (maybe needed for evidence)
17. To stop a person, who defends himself with a large stick
18. To stop a person who is shooting
19. To stop a person who is trying to escape
20. To bite on command
21. To release on command
22. To stop a person who attacks his handler in or outside the house, the car…
23. To work on a slippery surface (inside a house on wood or floors)
24. To refuse to obey commands given by a stranger
25. To break of his mission on command (for example, a suspects runs away, the dog hears the command to stop him, now the handler decides to call him back, the dog will return to his handler without biting the suspect. This is an extremely difficult exercise!!!!!)
26. To be silent on command

Loy is a very nice impressive male with super temperament and personality. He was trained by a top professional trainer and excels in obedience and protection work. He is a gentle, loving dog who is easy to handle, even by an inexperienced handler.  Loy has played with a young female handler for a few months now!! He is very happy and outgoing and loves to be around his people. Loy lived 2 years of his life inside the house, surrounded with little kids and small dogs. 

Loy has excellent drives to protect you from the bad guy ! 

For videos of Loy, visit our Training Video Gallery.



  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Country of Origin: The Netherlands
  • Bloodline: German bloodlines
  • Training Record: PH1 Certification with excellent notification
  • Breeding Experience: Stud Dog
  • Medical Record: Certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia, free of spinal issues

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