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The GSD is a very accomplished breed, used for a variety of working jobs like : Herding , obedience , tracking , agility, search and rescue, guide dog for the blind , Schutzhund, , police work and personal protection…

The GSD has a natural instinct to protect HIS HERD !

He is one of the most loyal and trainable breeds in the world. He likes people and loves his family, he is able to live in perfect harmony with other dogs and different animals, what makes him the ultimate Personal Protection Dog!!
Only the BEST GSD  available , imported from Germany (Schutzhund trained ) and The Netherlands (Police Certified) are transformed by Redwood Krest K9 center  to become your ultimate K9 Bodyguard

All our Shepherds are certified free of Hip and Elbow dysplasia (an unfortunate trait found in the breed ) and fully guaranteed !

























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