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There is nothing like finding the K9 that instantly feels right! And now, Redwood Krest K9 makes the experience even more pleasurable.

Tap the specialized knowledge of World Champion trainers, access our extensive stock of executive personal protection dogs and enjoy a higher standard of client service while we home deliver your K9 and integrate him effortlessly into your family.

Our home delivery team will introduce each family member to their new protector and spend time with each of them. It’s very important that everyone is properly introduced and understand how the dog is trained. To make an easy transition, we will walk the dog and play with his favorite toy. While playing, the family members feel perfectly comfortable with their new K9.

At this point we integrate obedience work, so the family is familiar with all of the commands and practices them. Later on, we bring the dog into the house and show him/her all of the rooms. The dog bed will be put into place and during the evening, we will make sure the dog knows their place in the new house. The following days are spent with practical training: riding in the car, bringing the dog places such as the groomer, veterinarian, the mall, busy streets, the park, and any other common places the owner typically visits.

The final 2 days we develop a safety plan for your household and practice how to use your Executive PPD during bite work sessions.

Four days later, the home delivery team flies back home leaving behind a perfectly trained dog handled by his new owners!!!! Our delivery team can and will extend their stay if the new owners are not 100% ready yet to handle the dog in every situation.

In case the new family already has dog(s), Redwood Krest will train the existing dogs in basic obedience if wanted or needed to make a smooth transition with your new executive personal protection dog.

The time needed to train your dog in basic obedience (sit, lay down, come here on command, walk properly on a leash and be friendly with other dogs and cats) is approximately three to four weeks. After, the home delivery team will bring all dogs at once back to your home and make sure everyone is nicely integrated to ensure the complete safety of your family. All dogs will be trained in the same language so you can give 1 command to control all dogs.

You will be given the cell phone numbers of your home delivery team so you can reach them 24/7 with questions.

Buying an executive PPD was never easier!!


As owner and CEO of Redwood Krest Executive Personal Protection Dogs , it is my honor to personally be part of the delivery team, ensuring your total satisfaction while buying your executive personal protection dog from my company!

















Redwood Krest sponsored by MVP Supplements:

"My guardian did his job twice today. Once when some guy threw my office door open today. He knows that door is supposed to be locked and unless I open it, nobody comes in. And he Also did his job in the car today. We picked up my dad at the airport and he has never met Ibeau. My dad reached into the backseat to try to get my grandsons hand off the door handle and the second he touched Landon the dog warned him by barking in his face and growling. ;) it may have been rude to do to my dad, but it was the right thing to do. He is an amazing protector, and a gentle giant all in one!!!!"

- Linda Veronneau, President, LPS





















































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