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K9 Bodyguard vs Human Bodyguard

  • Canine hearing abilities pick up suspicious sounds earlier than human and/or
    sophisticated alarm systems;
  • Criminals know confronting a dog is much more hazardous than dealing with an alarm
  • Criminals fear being attacked by a dog;
  • The barking sound of the PPD alarms the homeowners immediately;
  • Most criminals admit to completely bypassing a property where trained PPDs were kept.
    They simply moved to a more accessible, less risky target;
  • The trained PPD can also travel with you in the car, go on vacations, walks in the park,
    etc. This dog is always available and does not need to be paid overtime, weekend or
    holiday pay And no need for days off – they are your 24/7 personal bodyguard!!
  • The PPDs trained and sold by Redwood Krest are the top choice in balancing highly
    effective protectiveness with family companionship;
  • The average price of a trained PPD, divided by the number of usage years is less than
    $500/month – a small price to pay for peace of mind and round the clock security and a
    fraction of what a human bodyguard would cost.



Joeri, Team Captain (far left), pictured with IKE Belgium Military World Team, Czech Republic


Joeri working a client's German Shepherd Personal Protection Dog


"...Joeri’s training methods are first rate and his love for dogs is obvious to anyone who meets him.  His impact on my dog has been substantial, and the positive training method he employs has left me with a happy, well trained companion."

-Jodi Bentley

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