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The Malinois is the short coated variety of the Belgian Shepherd breed> the other 3 varieties are The Groenedaler (Black long coated ), the Tervueren (long coated ) and the Lakenois (curly coated )

The Malinois is the breed of choice for the last decades for the Belgian Army and Secret Service . In the last 10 years they also became the breed of choice for Police departments and Military Units around the world . Even Seal team 6 used a Belgian Malinois to take down Osama Bin Laden !!! (use picture of malinois with explanation of cameras ,….)
The reason for their popularity is that the malinois is a little smaller then the GSD, more durable and more agile. They have less health issues (no hip or elbow dysplasia) due to their structure (the way they are built ) and the way they are being bred!
The malinois breeders only have 1 goal in mind and that`s breeding a WORKING Dog , they are not interested in conformation shows , so the TRUE Working ability and instincts stay intact .

The well bred Malinois , as the ones provided by Redwood Krest K9, are great clear minded dogs with well balanced drives . properly trained and socialized they become great family companions  and ultimate protectors
Their strength, agility, power and durability combined with their  longevity (13+ years) and their ultimate desire to work  makes the Malinois your ideal Personal Protection Dog !!
























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