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1 The owner of Redwood Krest K9 was multiple times World Champion in a variety of venues: working, showing and breeding . This proves his versatility, expertise and his commitment in training your new dog to the ultimate level only World Champion trainers can accomplish;

2 The home delivery team exists of Joeri (Owner and CEO of Redwood Krest), a helper and if you have existing dogs, we bring a specialist family dog trainer (Shannon Walker, owner of Man's Best Friend) to make a smooth transition. Shannon was also a World Champion in Schutzhund, no other home delivery team exists of 2 World Champion trainers!!;

3 The home delivery/acclimation process takes 4 or 5 days and is a MUST to ensure a smooth transition. This is included in the price of your new dog. We will acclimate the dog with your family and his new surroundings. We will also teach the new owner how to work with his new K9 safely;

4 Redwood Krest K9 makes a SAFETY plan for your family in case of emergency. We teach you how to use the dog as your ultimate security system;

5 All dogs sold by Redwood Krest K9 can be tested at any time, any place. We aren't satisfied until you are satisfied!!;

6 All dogs sold by us come with a full written guarantee;

7 Free demonstration of a Redwood Krest trained K9 at our facility in Battle Ground, WA (20 minutes from Portland, OR). Alternatively, we can travel to your estate/house and give a demonstration. The demonstration is free however we request that our travel expenses are paid in advance.

8 Executive PPD trained by us can, upon request, come with SERVICE DOG certification;

9 We do all the necessary export paperwork and arrange all travel arrangements for your new K9;

10 We are the ONLY kennel in the US to offer German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois , police certified in the Dutch PH1 program (the world's most difficult and regulated police certification program), that can live safely in your family;

11 Our Police Certified dogs can do exercises that Schutzhund (SchH / IPO) sport dogs are not trained to do. Here is a list of what sets them apart:

a. The K9 can heel on your left and right side;

b. They can heel next to a bike, horse, motorcycle, wheelchair, etc.;

c. They can guard a piece of your property (wallet , suitcase, bike, etc.);

d. They can swim across a river on command;

e. They can rescue a person in the water (see video gallery);

f. They can search for a bomb package;

g. They can search for a gun;

h. They can search for a hidden person in your house and/or in your yard;

i. They will protect you in your car while riding loose;

j. They refuse orders from strangers;

k. They refuse food presented by strangers;

l. They can break off their mission on command !!!! This is the most difficult exercise to teach; the owner can call his dog back at any time with a single command. Even when the dog is out of sight from his owner he will not bite the suspect if the suspects surrenders by standing still and has dropped his weapons !! In this scenario the dog will perform a hold and bark until backup arrives. If the suspect tries to flee, the dog will engage.

For more information and details on any of our Executive Personal Protection Dogs, please feel free to call Joeri at 360-721-1499. We are looking forward to speaking with you!!!


Joeri, Team Captain (far left), pictured with IKE Belgium Military World Team, Czech Republic


"...Joeri’s training methods are first rate and his love for dogs is obvious to anyone who meets him.  His impact on my dog has been substantial, and the positive training method he employs has left me with a happy, well trained companion."

-Jodi Bentley

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