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What makes a Redwood Krest Executive Personal Protection K9 the ultimate form of security is that they are strong enough and safe enough to protect your family. No other form of defense will deter a potential threat better than a security canine.

A personal protection canine is willing to put its life on the line without hesitation to protect their family. Our personal protection canines are dogs that have strong nerves; trained to handle stressful situations and proven reliable.


  • Each day 2000 children are reported missing
  • Every 40 seconds another child is reported missing
  • 16 % of the missing kids were taken in their own home or yard
  • 40 % of the missing kids were abducted in their own street or in the family car
  • 20 % of the missing children are found dead
  • Since 1981 the rate of missing children has increased by 444 %
  • Peak age of forcible rape is 14 years old
  • 67 % of the victims are under the age of 18 years old


  • Every 2 minutes a woman is sexually assaulted in the USA
  • 70 % of the assaults happen in the victims house
  • 75 % of the female rape victims required medical  help after the attack
  • Only 30% of the rape and sexual assault victims report to law enforcement






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Certificate of appreciation:

Joeri working a client's German Shepherd Personal Protection Dog

NBA All Star Brandon Roy, wife Tiana, and Joeri

"My guardian did his job twice today. Once when some guy threw my office door open today. He knows that door is supposed to be locked and unless I open it, nobody comes in. And he Also did his job in the car today. We picked up my dad at the airport and he has never met Ibeau. My dad reached into the backseat to try to get my grandsons hand off the door handle and the second he touched Landon the dog warned him by barking in his face and growling. ;) it may have been rude to do to my dad, but it was the right thing to do. He is an amazing protector, and a gentle giant all in one!!!!"

- Linda Veronneau, President, LPS

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